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A Shiite innatist conception of reason, and what it can do for religious education (RE)

مسعود صفایی مقدم

دوره 15، شماره 4 ، اسفند 1387، صفحه 1-22


  In this study I have argued for a theoretical foundation of a coherent and defensible religious education (RE). It has been said that for RE to be accepted as a reasonable subject matter it should be researchable. But for a subject to be researchable, or research based, it needs to be supported by reason, a kind of reason that have a public and universal character. On the other hand we need a conception of religion being capable of giving this conception of reason, and adapting itself with its teachings. I have argued that the Shiite idea of innatism is a good base for providing a theory of reason ...  بیشتر

Educational policy makers’ views on secondary education relevance to the world of work in Iran: a critical reflection on 1990s educational reform

نعمت اله عزیزی

دوره 15، شماره 4 ، اسفند 1387، صفحه 23-50


  This paper reports the results of a qualitative study about the effectiveness of major reforms taken place in 1990s towards closing down the gap between general upper secondary education and the economy in Iran. The study aimed to analyse questions such as: To what extent dose Iranian secondary education meet current and future needs of labour market? How satisfied are employers and other key stakeholders with the quality of high school graduates in the workplace? And what are the most important further steps that policy makers should take into the account to complete the reform process of secondary ...  بیشتر

Consciousness-raising tasks versus deductive approach: two form-focused instruction types in teaching grammar to Iranian high school EFL learners
دوره 15، شماره 4 ، اسفند 1387، صفحه 51-70


  Consciousness-raising (CR) task is a new way of teaching grammar developed in communicative contexts although little has been written on the effectiveness of CR tasks in EFL setting. The present study is an attempt to investigate the impact of CR tasks in Iranian EFL setting by comparing them with deductive, grammar lessons common in the Iranian schools. The subjects of this study were 80 EFL pre-university male students who were randomly assigned to an experimental group and a control one. The control group received three ordinary teacher-fronted, deductive lessons, a common way of teaching methodology ...  بیشتر

Computer assisted reading (CAR) versus traditional print format in EFL academic reading comprehension

رویا وحدت

دوره 15، شماره 4 ، اسفند 1387، صفحه 71-88


  In this study two modes of reading (CAR and Print reading mode) were compared with regard to their effectiveness for L2 reading comprehension. A group of 120 English major students were divided into three classes: CAR, Print reading, and Control. Based on the English proficiency scores each class was divided into two groups (high and low levels of proficiency). Three classes were taught by the same teacher and covered the same materials in their weekly four-hour reading lesson over one semester. From the three classes only CAR and Print reading groups received reading strategies instruction. This ...  بیشتر

ELT educational context, teacher intuition and learner hidden agenda (a study of conflicting maxims)

غلامرضا عباسیان

دوره 15، شماره 4 ، اسفند 1387، صفحه 89-114


  This study, first, attempted to explore the conflict or tension between EFL teacher intuition or concepts and the conception with a composite view assembled from learner's accounts of the distinctive features of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), and second to investigate the latter's "hidden agenda" (Nunan, 1998) of what ELT should be. On the other hand, role of educational context as an independent variable in determining such conflicting conceptions was also investigated. The study was carried out in the Iranian educational context conventionally categorized into three settings including; ...  بیشتر

Iranian EFL teachers’ attitudes towards teaching methods and materials of high school english textbooks

محمدرضا عطایی؛ محمد قیطانچیان

دوره 15، شماره 4 ، اسفند 1387، صفحه 115-130


  Recently, interest in research on EFL teaching, CLT-based methodology and materials, and post-method pedagogy has gain momentum in the Iranian mainstream education. This study was conducted; 1) to explore EFL teachers’ attitudes towards the present EFL methodologies and content of high school textbooks; 2) to examine any probable relationship between teachers’ attitudes towards post method pedagogy and their students’ achievement; and 3) to probe any correlation between the teachers’ instructional experience and their attitudes towards the present teaching methods and materials. ...  بیشتر

Globalization and dilemma of management of quality in higher education

یداله مهرعلیزاده؛ سید منصور مرعشی؛ عیدان الانصاری

دوره 15، شماره 4 ، اسفند 1387، صفحه 131-158


  The purpose of this paper is to explore the effects of globalization on management of quality in higher education. A Meta-evaluation methodology is used to see how much the current research-supporting hypothesis is related to divergence, convergence or meso of quality management in higher education. In the light of three debates related to the nature of globalization, consequences of globalization and role of globalization in promotion of democracy and human rights, three controversial hypotheses are studied. It is suggested that forces behind these three hypotheses cannot be assessed in isolation, ...  بیشتر