Document Type : Research Paper



The main goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between school climate and the tendency toward entrepreneurship in senior high school and pre-university schoolboys of Ahvaz. The method of research, with respect to its nature, is a description of correlation type. Statistical samples include 162 school employees and 181 students who were selected through stratification and multi stage clustered sampling. Two questionnaires of organizational climate (OCDQ) and the researcher made questionnaire of entrepreneurial spirit were used for data collection. Data analysis was done by the SPSS software at two levels of descriptive and inferential statistics. The results revealed that entrepreneurial spirit indices (creativity, self-esteem, advancement motivation, internal control source, foresight and risk taking) are above average in students. Furthermore, there is a significant relationship between some of the indices of organizational climate i.e. (sincerity, lack of enthusiasm, prevention) and the entrepreneurial spirit at the level of p < 0/05. However there is no meaningful relationship between other indices of organizational climate i.e. (spirit, isolation, influence, emphasis on production, observance) and the entrepreneurial spirit.